October, 02, 2012
Plum, Arugula and Manchego Toast

I hope this post isn't insulting because this recipe is so simple. How about we don't think of it as a recipe, but we think of it as an idea...?  You know, something we can all talk about and get really bored by. 

Here is the idea- talk amongst yourselves:

Plum season is almost over, and we will have to wait an entire year again for those plums of lusciously saturated color and flavor. So, I cut them up and put them on toast with manchego, arugula, olive oil, a bit of lemon juice and felt very proud of myself for a full hour. 


Plum, Arugula and Manchego Toast
Serves however many you'd like

Slices of really good bread, estimate 1 slice per person
A variety of plums, about 1 per piece of toast, sliced in wedges
Two thick slices of manchego for each piece of toast
Arugula, think about 3-4 larger leaves for each piece, coarsely chopped
Olive oil
Lemon juice

Toast the bread on a baking sheet in a 400 degree oven for about 8-10 minutes. 
Drizzle the bread with a generous amount of olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
Lay the slices of manchego on the toast, top with the arugula, and then with the plums. 
Drizzle again with a bit more olive oil, salt, pepper, and just a squeeze of lemon juice.


I think...
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